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Our two locations in Denver and Cincinnati give us a footprint to effectively ship to the entire lower 48 and Northern Mexico.

Hours: M-F 8am to 4pm MT
Phone: 303-399-3630
Fax: 303-399-3717
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New Project Questions

If you would like one of our salespeople to contact you about how we can help protect your specific product, please download the Project Information Sheet PDF and fax it back to us.

Order Status Questions

For specific questions on the status of an order, please be sure to have the order number and the date you placed the order so we may assist you as quickly as possible.

Office Locations


10345 South Medallion Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241-4825

303-399-3717 FAX
14492 E. 33rd. Pl.
Aurora, CO 80011

Staff Directory

Management Team

Tom McNamara, President tmcnamara@ppspkg.com

Bob McNamara,  Chief Operations Officer, rmcnamara@ppspkg.com

Denver Office

Mike Hahn, Head Design Engineer mhahn@ppspkg.com

Drew Johnson, Customer Experience Manager djohnson@ppspkg.com

Liza Chavez, Designer lchavez@ppspkg.com

Becki Honeyman, Finance bhoneyman@ppspkg.com

Mike Letner Business Development Manager mletner@ppspkg.com

Cincinnati Office

Dave Rettig, General Manager drettig@ppspkg.com

Cindy Garrett, Operations Manager cgarrett@@ppspkg.com

Tim Willmann , Business Development Manager twillmann@ppspkg.com

Richard Hacker, Manager of Design rhacker@ppspkg.com

Judy Davis, Customer Service Manager jdavis@ppspkg.com

Scott Hamm, Account Manager shamm@ppspkg.com

Ken Wise, Account Manager kwise@ppspkg.com

Nick Macaluso, Design nmacaluso@ppspkg.com

Zach Coffey, Production Manager zcoffey@ppspkg.com

Mike Link, Customer Service mlink@ppspkg.com

Allen Cohen, Purchasing acohen@ppspkg.com